Engagement Party Ideas – Taking a Unique Approach

You've said 'yes' to that special man in your life and now it's time to celebrate your upcoming wedding with family and friends. This means you better start planning some sort of get-together or engagement party in order to spread the joyful news. Where do you start? First, you should come up with a suitable and available engagement party location, and possibly toss around a few ideas for an engagement party theme, which is perfect for couples who don’t want to trade traditional nuptials for a theme wedding.

Before You Get Started

Before you start brainstorming for the perfect location for your engagement party, you first need to iron out a few details, including:

Budget: Your available budget will certainly dictate the location and other aspects of planning your engagement party. Remember – this is a party meant to announce your engagement and should in no way exceed the amount of money spent on your wedding ceremony or reception. Pinch pennies now so that you have more money to spend later.

Guest List: The number of guests will also affect your engagement party plans, as you must find a space large enough to accommodate the people you invite.

Party Theme: If you are centering this celebration on a particular theme, it's best to come to a final decision before browsing potential locations.

Unique Engagement Party Locations

When planning an engagement party, keep in mind that you don’t have to fall victim to the space restrictions and rules that apply to wedding locations. This means you can select sites that you'd love to have your wedding at, but just can't pull off in time or with your budget. So, this is the time to explore partying at a sports park, old movie theater, amusement park, or historic garden. Those who wish to splurge on their engagement party location may select sites that are typically reserved for weddings, which include country clubs, reception halls, and wineries. Other engagement party locations to consider, includes:

• Your favorite restaurant
• Parent's home
• Beach
• Park

Unique Engagement Party Themes

Looking to celebrate your engagement in style, with a touch of humor, or absolutely off-the-wall? Consider planning an engagement party centered on a particular theme. Food, decorations, and fun activities usually mimic the theme of the evening, which may include:

• A hula bash with grass skirts and Pina Coladas by the beach
• A romantic affair with dreams of the Eiffel Tower
• Recreating important milestones in your life with your fiancé
• Ball and chain humor
• Costume ball focused on famous lovers

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