10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

It is a challenge to make your wedding unique amongst all the weddings you and your friends will attend together. One of the most fun and creative ways to make your wedding stand out is to use a tradition from your family background. The following are some customs from around the world that you may be able to use to make your special day a little different.

1. Wedding cakes in France were typically a Croque en Bouche. They are pastry balls filled with cream and stacked in a pyramid then drizzled in caramel. What a great change from the traditional wedding cake.

2. The French may have started the “after party” as well. Cheverie is the tradition of guests clanking pots and making noise in front of the honeymoon suite. Traditionally the groom invites the rowdy guests in the room for some snacks and drinks. The noisier part of this tradition might not go over very well if the honeymoon suite is in a crowded hotel or bed and breakfast, but if you plan to spend the night at home, invite your friends back for a while.

3. Candied almonds are traditionally served at Italian weddings. The bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the candy is said to remind everyone that marriage is for better and for worse. Life is bitter and sweet.

4. Another fun Italian tradition is to cut up the groom’s tie and auction the pieces off for money. The cash is then given to the bride and groom to use on their honeymoon.

5. Traditional Japanese weddings include the ceremonial drinking of sake. The bride and groom drink nine cups of sake which symbolizes the bonding of the couple. Family and guests also drink sake to reaffirm the bond.

6. Traditionally Indian brides are decorated with henna prior to the wedding ceremony. At some wedding celebrations Mehndi artists are hired to decorate the hands and feet of wedding guests to wish the new bride happiness and luck in her future.

7. At the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom steps on a glass and breaks it. This custom has a couple of explanations. One states that the noise will scare away evil spirits, the other states that the couple will stay married as long as it takes to reassemble the glass.

8. Having a piper lead the processional and recessional is a great way to incorporate Celtic tradition into your wedding. Hiring a ceileigh band for the cocktail hour or party is another great way to add Celtic flavor.

9. At a Russian wedding, a friend of the couple gives a toast at the beginning of the reception. All of the guests are to drink the champagne and throw the glasses to the floor. If the glass breaks when it hits, it is considered good luck for the bride and groom. Again, this is a tradition that works best at home rather than in a public reception facility.

10. Jumping the Broom has become a very popular African tradition at weddings. Slaves could not legally marry, so to symbolize a bond between husband and wife, the couple would jump a broom to start their new beginning together.

This is just a small selection of ways to incorporate ethnic traditions into your wedding. The Internet is a valuable resource to find all kinds of unusual ways to celebrate a wedding day. From ceremony to dinner and dancing, there are thousands of years worth of customs to try.

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