Candy Buffet Table 101

A candy table can be a whimsical addition to your reception, or act as playful and interactive favors. Here are some tips to get you started! (expert advice)

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Engagement Party Ideas – Taking a Unique Approach

The engagement party is just the first of many more celebrations to come. Here are some unique ideas for your engagement party.

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Wedding Planning: Planning Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Professionals

Interviewing and hiring wedding vendors is one of the more intimidating aspects of wedding planning, especially if you have never had to conduct interviews.

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Wedding VIPs: How to Choose Your Attendants

Brides and grooms have a tough task at hand when it comes to choosing attendants for the wedding party. Your childhood friends, college buddies, relatives and the like are all vying for a chance to stand with you on your big day. Here, we show you how to narrow the wedding essentials list and select the best group of friends and loved ones to serve as your wedding VIPs.

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10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

It is a challenge to make your wedding unique amongst all the weddings you and your friends will attend together. One of the most fun and creative ways to make your wedding stand out is to use a tradition from your family background.

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Wedding Essentials: Common Wedding Dilemmas and How to Avoid Them

Everyone knows your wedding is supposed to be the happiest and most stress-free day of your life. So rest assured, because we’ve listed seven of the most common wedding day dilemmas and how you can avoid them.

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